486 Parallelo

Well proportioned and elegant round body receiver.
Exclusive Triblock Beretta system to join the barrels for a refined aesthetic. Environmentally friendly selection system to switch from a manual extraction to an automatic ejection of the spent cases. Fast and crisp trigger pulls thanks to the new trigger system.
486 Parallelo, a tradition of innovation.

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Une série exclusive

The trigger mechanism is extremely reliable thanks to the “V” shaped hammer springs and to the rebounding hammers which guarantee crisp and fast trigger pulls. The trigger plate contains all the parts of the firing mechanism, assuring faster and easier disassembly for cleaning and inspection.

The receiver design marries the best gunsmithing tradition of the classic round body profile. Innovative matching lines blend the stock to the receiver for an unsurpassed harmony and elegance to the proportions.

The barrels are matched thanks to the new Beretta Triblock system in order to deliver superior aesthetic and elegance which reflect the style of the classic demibloc shotguns. The care taken in producing the tapered external profile of the tubes enhances the instictive aiming.

The exclusive selector switch, located on the fore-end iron, provides for automatic ejection or manual extraction, which is an environmentally friendly way of keeping spent shells from littering fields.

Surprisingly light and easy-handling, the new 486 Parallelo Beretta unites the charm of the best gunsmithing tradition with the round body receiver design and with the modern and innovative technology. The result is a classic and elegant look that will never be out of date. A shotgun which is, on the same time, a reliable, safe and accurate firearm.

The woods used for the stock and fore-end are carefully selected for their colour, grain and figuring. The shotgun masses are correctly distributed and the balance is factory set for each unit in order to guarantee the best swing while shooting.

An exclusive Beretta safety blocks the trigger preventing the accidental discharge when the shotgun is found in an anomalous position (fully upside down or pointed downwards/upwards past 90°), or in case the shotgun falls or is dropped.

The fore-end features a push-button release mechanism located on the fore-end tip. The fore-end iron presents an adjusting device in order to maintain a constant tip fore-end iron fit. The result is an increase functionality and life of the parts.

Thanks to a new and exclusive retaining system integrated into the design of the top lever it functions positively and with no possibility of any undesirable lateral free play developing in the future. The brand new design of the top lever also facilitates a sure grip and reduces stress.

The new switch moves crisply between “on” and “off” and it permits a reliable selection of the barrel to shoot first. The top surface is grooved for firm support.

For the barrels provided with interchangeable chokes, the exclusive Beretta Optimachoke® HP (High Performance) choke tubes, with lengthened taper, feature an internal profile to reduce friction and improve the density and distribution of the pattern. The Beretta Optimachoke® HP chokes guarantee significant corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand the rigors of steel shot.

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Type de canon

Triblock Optima Bore HP




Round body





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76 MM



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Wood Finished

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